February 2019

WaterBridge Steel in Nakusp, BC., is ferrying change

over West Kootenay waters.

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MV Francois Forester operates 24-hr service during 2018 Wildfires.

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B.C. awards cable ferry construction contract

to WaterBridge Steel


B.C. Firms Shortlisted to Build New Inland
Cable Ferries - November 2015


WaterBridge Group of Companies


Young Buck from the Southside gets a hug.

This young buck is from the Southside of Francois Lake.  Born and raised at Southbank, this young buck has grown accustomed to people.  He has ridden across Francois Lake on the Forester multiple times from the South side of the lake to the North side and back again.  He follows the traffic on and off the ferry. 

This picture was taken by a local bus driver who was transporting fire fighters to and from the Southside.  Originally posted on the photographer's Facebook page, the picture has been shared over 2.6 Thousand times and this buck has now gone viral!

Photo credit: Jan Giesbrecht